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Many consumers dislike the smell and taste of the Chlorine that is added into our water and want a Chlorine removal filter that will eliminate the chlorine and improve the water quality to their home.

And while the taste and smell can be extremely off putting, it is possible for the chlorine to have adverse effects on our bodies as well. In addition to unpleasant taste and smell, chlorine can actually have adverse effects.

When chlorine is added during the water treatment process, it can combine with organic matter to form byproduct compounds called Trihalomethanes (THMs). These compounds can be toxic when consumed, inhaled, or applied to the skin. Chlorine can make hair and skin feel dry after showering.

So why is Chlorine used?

Chlorine is added to disinfect water and eliminate waterborne disease – and it does that job incredibly well. In fact, it is considered one of the best disinfecting agents. Despite its effectiveness to disinfect the water supply, chlorination is unpleasant and most people want it removed prior to using their water.

Our Chlorine Removal Filtration Systems adsorb the chlorine in your water without leaving any negative effects on your water supply. Our systems are affordable, easy to use, and extremely effective. So remove the chlorine and start enjoying your water.

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chlorine removal filters for drinking water

Chlorine Removal Filters

We offer our Chlorine Removal Filtration Systems in two sizes larger families and smaller homes, including high-flow and heavy-sediment applications.

The extra large housing allows for greater cartridge capacity, reducing the number of vessels required for high flow-rate applications. Sumps are constructed of durable reinforced polypropylene and are available in both 10″ and 20″ lengths. Our systems are compatible with a wide variety of 4½” diameter cartridges.


  • Large capacity housing suitable for high flow applications
  • Large capacity housing suitable for high flow applications
  • 10″ and 20″ lengths available in opaque and clear
  • Pressure relief/bleed on inlet side of cap
  • Accepts 4½” diameter cartridges

    For Larger Families

      chlorine removal solutions for larger families

      For Smaller Homes

        chlorine removal filters for smaller homes

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